Orlando Freelance Model


In Miscellaneous, Resume, Services on 2011/02/11 at 05:25

About the Artist…

The Artist is… an imaginative writer, freelance makeup artist, photographer, researcher, and creative director who uses art to express unique concepts. Portions of this site is password protected in an attempt to avoid image and/or identity theft.

The Artist is self-taught and has worked both in front of and behind the camera.  Her true passion is writing and researching.  She has written several scholastic papers regarding the relationship between adolescent participation in delinquency and after school sports.

She began photography and makeup when she was old enough to hold a camera and brushes.  After having appeared in major publications online, and on television, she retired to concentrate more on artistic expression and academic pursuits.

As a master of knowing her angles and how to work the camera, she rarely appears the same in any two photos, and her trademark is not smiling. During her modeling years, she wanted females to be comfortable with themselves and tried to set an example for them by not airbrushing or altering her works. She is currently a contributor to Examiner.com as an Orlando Makeup Examiner, and Orlando Etiquette Examiner, and Parle Magazine for makeup editorials.

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